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We design, build and then move your organization to a complete operational state. 
On your most important day, Day One, you are fully operational.

  • We interview and fact-find with your security, facility and IT management to learn of cross department issues, needs, desired goals and objectives.

  • We underwrite a design to provide the complete solution.

  • We build and test to the design specifications.

  • We are on-site to deliver and install a fully operational system in one complete working package.

  • We are on-site to provide hands-on training to management and operations.

  • We provide a complete documentation package with your specific features and requirements fully explained.

  • Quality of Service is managed over the Internet for fast efficient upgrades and maintenance vs. CD-Rom mailers and on-site wait and service contracts

  • We are here and available 24/7 to support any and all issues that relate to the entire system.  This includes core software, application design and all peripheral hardware.

You save time, resources, capital and are fully operational upon successful deployment of your Entry Management Solution with EyeOnEntry having worked with you every step along the way.

Benefits of the End-to-End Solution 

Outsourcing the project to EyeOnEntry saves you time, resources and capital

The cost of ownership is significantly less when compared to other products where the software and hardware are not managed by a single source

World class software experts deliver the expertise needed to guarantee success

As your partner in the implementation of the project we manage all of the details in moving the project to a successful completion

You realize immediate savings in time, money, staff hours and support from the initial launch of services, training, documentation and ongoing maintenance and support


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