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The perfect compliment to Visitor Management.

EyeOnEmployee features

  • Accepts complete personnel records that include name, ID photo, address, title, department, vehicle type and tags, vehicle space assignment, emergency phone numbers, asset assignment and more.

  • Generates full color high quality PVC badge credentials to assigned network printers.

  • Provides for special handling of employee related 'unwanted' visitors in thumbnail and zoom WatchList screen displays when a visitor requests to meet with an employee.

  • Employee ID left at home - instantly authenticate an employee and print an inexpensive temporary credential.  Automatically store a record of why permanent credential was not provided with time and attendance tracking.

  • Corporate Travel Pass Services - issue advance credentials check and authorization for travel and entrance to specified corporate locations world-wide with date and time restrictions. 

  • Employees can utilize EyeOnRapidRegistration with Lobby Kiosk

EyeOnEmployee offers a specialized group of services to compliment employee management services and streamline a number of entry issues that an employee will encounter from time to time.



EyeOnEmployee benefits

Interfaces with Human Resources for new hires and terminations to ease administration 

Quickly authenticate an existing employee to speed temporary badge issuance 

Simple, fast, accurate interface to corporate access control when temporary badge issued

Records frequency of Temporary Badge services used by employees to reduce repeated issuance

Improves employee safety by linking all data for vehicle plates, WatchList images and assigned property 

Saves time by providing advanced employee credentials check and badge issuance for travel to other corporate locations 

Serves to quietly enforce employee compliance with corporate policy

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