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The EyeOnEvents application is used to categorize and track event attendees and vendors as they enter and leave defined event areas.  Accurately storing important information such as names, photos, dates and times the credential is valid, attendee classification by badge color and more.  EyeOnEvents will prevent unauthorized access and streamline the entry and exit process to one or more defined security areas for an event.  Reports are designed to detail clearly the chronology of activities associated with all event attendees.  EyeOnEvents makes use of a unique technology, our exclusive PolicyEngine, to authenticate or otherwise validate any EyeOnEntry event credential during the entire event time period.  This eliminates fraud, piracy, duplications and any attempt at unauthorized access to the event.   


"EyeOnEvents desktop and mobility systems protected our exclusive backstage admission as well as the general admission gate."

EyeOnEvents creates a complete, secure access and management solution to all aspects of attendees to events running over the course one or more days.

Benefits of EyeOnEvents

  • Create and manage perimeter circles of security to guarantee the proper authorization of credentialed people to move towards higher security levels within the event perimeters

  • Utilize EyeOnMobility applications that take advantage of wireless topography for establishing floating credential check points

  • Print your choice of high quality credentials with barcode verification and/or RFID

  • Capturing of photo image acts as a deterrent to false ID use

  • Fast on-site event registration eliminating long lines

  • Pre-registration improves event attendance for large volumes of people

  • Global access to reports with images for sampling and audit

  • Will interface with physical barrier systems such as turnstiles


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