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EyeOnMailroom is the most powerful mailroom management solution available today. Easily track each package from entry to your facility, to its final destination while capturing the recipient's signature and data logging a thorough history of it's journey.

EyeOnMailroom Features

  • Mobile delivery management with EyeOnMobility to support bar code and RFID tracking
  • Automatic addressee notification of package 'in-building'
  • Web based tracking of any or all packages for use by notified addressee of package 'in-building'.
  • Compatible with SQL Server, Oracle, Access and more.
  • Easy, Fast and Accurate.
  • Print tracking labels
  • Capture photos of damaged packages
  • Know where packages are at all times
  • Print detailed reports and studies to look for and measure performance gains in mail and package handling
  • Plus much more!

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