Products » EyeOnMobility™ for Extended Perimeter Security

EyeOnMobility places the power of a network PC in the palm of your hands.  EyeOnMobility is designed to provide improved enterprise security management by extending your campus or building perimeter using a new class of mobility management tools and EyeOnEntry Mobility Management software applications.  Establish temporary or new security check points 'on demand' with EyeOnMobility tools and applications.

Features Include

  • Wireless Tablet and PDA form factors provide the mobility needed for a roaming force 
  • RFID interface for inspection and collection of tagged goods and containers
  • Permits immediate implementation of corporate policy during a declared security or safety event
  • Distance Bar Code Scan - Easily bring up visitor records, and their authorization level with a scan of a barcode
  • Visitor Photo Display - Verify the guest who was issued this badge at check-in is the same guest currently at your check point.
  • Built in digital camera - instantly capture images and associate with a record for rapid check-in of vehicles, drivers and more
  • Open communications - by coupling Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth, mobile forces take advantage of best live communications practices
  • Used with a number of EyeOnEntry companion software applications  for delivering live information from your database and desktop PC's to and from this class of portable devices. 

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