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EyeOnRapidRegistration with lobby kiosk is fast , efficient and easy to use.

Features include

  • Display only the fields requiring input
  • Highlight and enforce required fields
  • Customize each kiosk and display with your company's name and logo
  • Include PolicyEngine forms, briefings and instructions
  • Capture data from licenses, passports, business cards, and photos to 'auto complete' a registration form in just a few seconds
  • Accepts other input devices such as smart cards, biometric, signature and more
  • Simple to use, accurate and will display in any language
  • Many kiosks can be networked to handle large volumes of visitors
  • Choose from a wide variety of high-quality kiosk styles, footprints and colors

Great for high traffic lobbies, and for peak times like the 9 am morning rush hour.  Serves to minimize congestion when a longer registration process is required and to accommodate a briefing or document review with electronic signature required.



EyeOnRapidRegistration Benefits

Manage high-volume visitor facilities with multiple kiosks

Save Time by allowing visitors to answer security, safety, legal and insurance requirements

Show safety briefing videos, non- disclosure agreements, equipment restrictions, and more...

Find out more about your visitors, include an entrance or exit poll

Simplify employee lost or forgotten IDs by requesting temporary day badges

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