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EyeOnVerify is a companion application to EyeOnVisitor that verifies your visitors at various check points throughout your campus or facility.  It is tightly integrated with EyeOnMobility™ providing roaming and temporary establishment of check points in and around buildings, campuses, plants and facilities, where ever the establishment of a defensive perimeter is needed.

Only allow classified visitors to enter beyond certain points, with EyeOnVerify simply scan a bar code from the visitor's badge to bring up all their current registration information including:  visitor photo - taken when they checked-in, access level, visitor type, check-in date / time, plus much more!

Features Include

  • Bar Code Lookup - Easily bring up visitor records, and their authorization level with a scan of a barcode.
  • Visitor Photo Display - Verify the guest who was issued this badge at check-in is the same guest currently in your facility.
  • Station Access - Setup each station to serve as a checkpoint for traffic in required areas based on visitor types that have been defined in the EyeOnEntry program.
  • Access Levels - Unauthorized, Unauthorized - Escort Required, Authorized, Authorized - Escort Required, Unauthorized - Badge Expired, Unauthorized - Visitor check-out.
  • Application flexibility - Takes advantage of a number of EyeOnEntry applications for a variety of entry management requirements including Event, Asset and Visitor management.



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