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The Visitor Management Solution with these standard features

EyeOnVisitor™ provides a fast, efficient means of registering visitors by capturing and auto completing data entry from licenses, business cards, photo images and more.  You can even capture a visitor signature and bind it with any document such as a safety briefing or non-disclosure agreement.  These additional automated steps provide enforcement and an audit trail of corporate policy compliance.

EyeOnRapidRegistration™ application is packaged with our turnkey lobby kiosks and is used in conjunction with Visitor and Employee Management. Visitors, vendors and employees can quickly and easily collect their information.  Choose from a variety of kiosks to suit your corporate image and location requirements.  More information on EyeOnRapidRegistration

EyeOnBadgePatrol™  with badge formats designed to meet both an aesthetic look as well as your operational security needs.  Formats include full color badges with photo image of visitor as well as the host employee if an escort is required.  Badge provides immediate visual reference on any visitor that requires escort coverage or where travel to a defined area only is permitted. 

EyeOnEntry's PolicyEngine™  is an automated and intelligent risk management software application that is designed to manage and assert control over your corporate policy requirements in two ways.  First, is the enforcement of any number of registration requirements.  Second, is the unique ability to manage and direct operational decisions using a hierarchal map of choices and decisions based on written corporate policy interacting with operation's personnel during any number of pre-defined events or scenarios.  More information on EyeOnEntry's PolicyEngine

EyeOnMobility™  is designed to provide improved enterprise security management by extending your campus or building perimeter using a new class of mobility tools and software applications that put the power of a PC right in your hands.  More information on EyeOnMobility


EyeOnVisitor benefits

Binds visitor to employee and or building area to control areas of permitted access

Pre-registration with easy to use web based tools to speed check-in and registration

Uses Rapid Registration with Lobby Kiosk for high volume lobbies requiring fast secure badging and check-in

Deters unwanted visitors improving workplace safety

Streamlines lobby registration and leaves your visitor with a good image of your company

Enhances corporate image with fast and professional color photo badging

Silently enforces compliance with corporate policy reducing risk assessments

Instant exit report provides immediate visitor listing during an event or emergency 

Instant communications link to emergency personnel saves time and is always accurate

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