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The most reliable means of enforcing corporate policy.

EyeOnEntry's PolicyEngine takes all of the required elements associated with Entry Management and underwrites an intelligent automated process that guarantees performance at all times.  

The PolicyEngine is the 'quiet' partner in managing and enforcement of best security and safety practices authored by corporate security, operations and legal council.

Policy Enforcement features include

  • EyeOnEntry's PolicyEngine assures delivery of any required briefing that requires the reader to acknowledge or digitally sign that they have read and understood the terms and conditions. 

  • Instructions, maps or other content are automatically printed on the two-part badge to reinforce any regulations or policy statements. 

  • Fully automates performance of any time sensitive briefings for new or returning visitors.

Dynamic Operational Management Decision making features include

  • Designed to lead operation's personnel to the correct response during any number of pre-defined corporate policy events or scenarios.

  • Fully automated changes in real-time response to security or safety events that require immediate escalation in corporate policy to meet new threat levels.

  • Interface to both logical and physical 'triggers' that cascade events or decisions for operators.

  • Notification to designated responders or recipients of any security state change  

  • Reduces procedural errors and offers decision metrics as needed to operators.

  • Provides after action report capability for review and improvement in operational tactics and procedures.


PolicyEngine benefits

Binds digitally signed documents to registered visitors, guarantees compliance and provides an audit trail

Detects and acts upon changes in security or corporate safety policy

Is dynamically reactive to real-time events reflecting changes in policy driven by triggered security levels

Narrows operator decision process to simplify and speed actions during an event

Serves notification to groups or individuals of any defined PolicyEngine events

Homeland Security Interface can act as an external trigger to PolicyEngine events

Reduces insurance costs with automated compliance capabilities

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