End to End Solution

We recognize the need for delivering the desired solution to a corporate customer in the fastest most efficient way possible.  By streamlining the project from design to operational delivery, EyeOnEntry minimizes the impact on corporate resources while maximizing the full deployment of the solution that best suits the needs of our corporate clients.

We accomplish this by applying two engineered components and fine tuning the operational system to accomplish an immediately useful deployment with all applications integrated and working with EyeOnEntry's project management, training and support.

First, EyeOnEntry's PolicyEngine takes all of the required elements associated with Entry Management and underwrites an intelligent automated process that guarantees performance at all times.  The PolicyEngine is the 'quiet' partner in managing and enforcement of best security and safety practices authored by corporate security, operations and legal council.

Second, a key component of EyeOnEntry's End-to-End solution merges and streamlines all existing database structures into one cohesive efficient and managed operation.  For large corporations this is a requirement where the fusion of existing employee files including photos along with an ongoing simple method of introducing new data must be reliable and simple to manage.




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