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Founded in 2002, EyeOnEntry, Inc. has evolved from providing a visitor management system with identity verification and visitor activity tracking to becoming a provider of breakthrough technologies for security-based entry management services for public and private facilities. In 2008 we changed our name to EyeOn Security Management LLC

EyeOn Security Management  pioneered the concept of PolicyEngine, which detects, analyzes and drives 'real-time' changes to operational security levels in accordance with published corporate policy.  This higher level decision making process gives your facility the instant awareness it needs when responding to a threat as it occurs.  PolicyEngine enables each client company to deploy a corporate-wide entry management system that is fully compliant with both global and local corporate security and safety policies.

The power of EyeOn Security Management 's PolicyEngine when combined with the Entry Management Suite of applications enables each company to tightly control and manage all aspects of entry management for people and goods. EyeOn Security Management ’s technology is filling a market need by replacing paper-based or low-end non-secure log systems and offering a 'real-time' software driven decision process to permit better 'live' response to improve operational readiness resulting from changes in security levels.       

Industry leaders in the Department of Defense, Energy, Industrial, Retail, Financial, Manufacturing, Technology and Healthcare sectors as well as Federal and State/Local government are rapidly embracing EyeOn Security Management ’s innovative and secure entry management systems. All the company’s products are available in the major European and Asian languages. 

EyeOn Security Management continues to make a difference with continued leadership and advancement in the integration of new and emerging technologies aimed at improving this new field of entry management.  In August 2004, the Company unveiled EyeOnMobility, a new class of mobile secure entry systems that supports RFID, Distance Bar Code Scan and open communications through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Our Vision

EyeOn Security Management empowers organizations to safely achieve their mission by dynamically securing the flow of people and goods throughout their facilities. 


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