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EyeOnEntry’s flagship application set, the Entry ManagementSuite, provides the most secure tracking and control of the flow of people and goods throughout a company’s facilities and grounds.  EyeOnEntry’s systems are deployed at Staples World Corporate Headquarters, CIBA Pharmaceuticals, General Dynamics World Headquarters, Electric Boat and many more sites, to capture physical security data used in the reliable management, tracking and control of people and goods. The versatility of the Entry ManagementSuite extends the software’s use far beyond traditional visitor management systems, reaching all facility personnel, from managers and HR staff to IT managers and security professionals. 

EyeOnEntry offers a well defined set of Services that expertly deliver the working solution.  In an End-to-end Solution deployment, EyeOnEntry delivers a turnkey solution that includes design, PolicyEngine™ optimization, implementation, delivery and training.  All EyeOnEntry’s products can be deployed either on a stand-alone system, or tightly integrated within a company’s IT infrastructure.

Pre-packaged Products

These pre-packaged products are sold exclusively though our partners and their respective distribution channels.

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